Street Vendors- 72nd St.

The section of Broadway between 72nd and 73rd Streets is one long stretch of street book vendors. The abolishment of categories at vendor tables always makes for some interesting juxtapositions of books, like a library set to "Shuffle". Plus: Who knows? you might even find a Barbra Streisand record. What could feel more New York than that?


Malyss said...

postcards are quite cheap!.
Other books about France or French.
and a Tony Hillerman's book, a writer I like much.
We have such "street shops" only when there's a book festival around here.They often have treasures..

Anonymous said...

Great post on street vendors! Bedford Ave in Wburg has is book vendor mayhem on the weekends. Also, what about all the free books in cardboard boxes on Park Slope/Cob Hill stoops!? I love free books.

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