Books In New York- update

I've received a lot of emails today about various stores on this blog that have closed. It's a crying shame and a frustrating part of posting anything about bookstores that they are closing at an alarming rate. I began this project after I had lived in New York for about 6 years and felt very familiar with the bookstores there and their relative health. I moved to the west coast about 2 years ago, while this blog was still in its beginnings, and haven't really kept it up. I suppose I should have simply deleted the blog, but the response for it was very good and I figured that as long as it was at least somewhat useful to people, I would leave it up. I fear that the time of its usefulness may be drawing to a close. I've been moving some posts over to my new blog, and I may, in the future, continue to make new bookstore posts there. I appreciate all the great feedback I've received since I first published this blog, and I hope someone there in the city, with lots of time to devote to it, can create a similar visual catalog of New York's great book places. (Photo from Unchanging Window).